E-Gov is a leading technology company specializing in Software development & end-to-end Information Technology Infrastructure & Services, Since inception, E-Gov has built extensive experience in multiple domains and established its expertise across multiple technologies. Our rich work portfolio vouches for our dedication and excellence. Our Software solutions have been provided to the government sector, semi-government and corporate sectors within the UAE helping in the transition to the age of Smart IT while also looking to supply the private sector with technology solutions tailored for their specific requirements. Our IT solutions have benefited organizations of all sizes in setting up their online business, optimizing the costs, enhancing the efficiency, transforming the processes, managing the resources, improving the profitability, increasing the market penetration, branding and marketing to expand reach and visibility, ultimately resulting in top-line and bottom-line growth.

E-Gov LLC takes pride in being the creative company of the Ontime Group. OnTime Group is a diversified group of companies and a pioneer in government services through private sector with over 14 year-experience in undertaking business within the government, technology, business setup, manpower, investment, learning & development, healthcare, real estate, management consultancy and hospitality industries. Since OnTime Group’s establishment in 2002, the company has become number one in numerous business sectors. OnTime Group serves over 1 million customers per year and has won many awards including SME Fastest growing award and the Bin Rashid Award for excellence.

We have great history of values which allowed us to build a riding reputation on quality & solid relationship with our clients. With a luxurious and elegant approach to your office or residential needs, E-Gov LLC is your best and trusted partner.

Our Vision

  • To become a Leading Innovator and Smart Technology solutions provider in the UAE and beyond.

Our Mission

  • To be a strong player in Software Solutions space offering great value proposition to local and international clients.
  • To be State of the Art in our technical Process & to implement the best Integrity, Capability & Maturity models

Our Mission

  • Commitment
  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Excellence